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  "Take a walk on the wild side."
-Lou Reed
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Berg's Queer Foot Porn is both pro-women and pro-pornography. It is debatably foot porn, feminist porn and queer porn. BQFP celebrates genderqueer humor and embodiment. We advocate for the pleasure and desire of anyone who identifies as a 'woman' (on any given day of the week), and envision our audience inclusive of anyone assigned female at birth, though we love and embrace queers and perversity of all kinds. BQFP is inspired by feminism, feminist theory, queer theory, post-modernism, and Super Q. We subvert norms of sex, gender, sexuality, fetish, humor, and beauty; and we reserve the right to employ art, literature, philosophy, theory and religion toward our own ends (i.e., our feet). BQFP critques patriarchy, heteronormativity, hierarchy, power-relations, commercialism, objectification and aesthetics in an effort to promote positive body-image and self-image. We debate social constructions of love, romance, passion, as well as the full range of human relationship. Some term us erotica, photography, hypertext or cyborg; however, BQFP leaves the final interpretation, definition, and critical analysis up to you.

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