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"On a day when I'm being driven mad by the pitter-patter of little feet, it's nice to have a place to go play with the grown-ups."
            -Tammy Weiss, sexually undervalued stay-at-home mom and BQFP devotee
"When I asked Berg to house-sit for me and my husband, we had no idea she'd put her feet all over our furniture, take pictures of it, and then post them on the web for all to see. This is better than the front cover of Better Homes & Gardens magazine!"
            -Mrs. Margaret Jenkins, Domestic Goddess
"Even though I knew when I rescued him as a puppy that Hammy was the runt of the litter and a little bit off, I had no idea he'd grow up (so to speak) to be as awkward and disgusting as he is. But I can see now that this is exactly his claim to fame."
            -Hampshire's master, who wishes to remain otherwise anonymous
"Berg is funny and she has fuzzy legs. I would like to pet them."
            -Angie Blake, animal rights activist
"The inspirational quotes on the site are deeply moving. Berg is a womyn who knows of what she speaks: you should never judge a person until you've walked a mile in their moccasins. Then you'll be a mile away from them, and you'll have their shoes."
            -Dan Kaufmann, Queer Youth advocate
"When these girls are good, they are very, very good, but when they are bad, they are 'whore-ed'!"
            -Frances Dodd, crossing guard
"Through her math classes one girl would doze,
Dreamed of feet when her eyelids would close.
For addition, she got
Mathematically hot,
'Cause she knew she could count on her toes!"

            -Nas Duben, women's comedy scholar
"This queer bitch's porn is hella tight!"
            -Michael Smith II, hairdresser, tenor, & divo
"I have no pithy quotes but I do love the expansion of Berg's Queer Foot Porn. The links to great websites are truly a public service. I went directly to Betty Dodson and her vagina photos and masturbation tips, a wonderful reminder of my own twenties with Betty Dodson and her crew."
            -Bea Jannese, married woman and Chief Development Officer, Chicago settlement house
"My queer feet were dancing with smiles all night long."
            -Lacey Dunham, bittersweet bi-sexual and member of Super Q
"Their so-called samples of opinion are no more accurate or reliable
than my grandmother's big toe when it came to predicting the weather."

-Dan Rather

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