Read what folks are noting about Berg's Queer Foot Porn
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"Berg's queer foot porn site made my night! Inspiring, beautiful, sexy, innovative, fun and very cool. I hope the site grows and grows and adds toes and toes. The wave of the future of porn. Thanks Berg, you made this little piggy very happy."
            - Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. Sex worker turned Sexologist (January 2005)
"I will never go barefoot around Berg again!"
            - Amy Aleman, literacy coordinator
"These chicks have serious ovaries. If I weren't a lesbian, I would fear for my privilege."
            -Jean Rojas, book discussion groupie
"The site makes me think of how, when you are in love with someone, you eroticize every part of their body. Everything about them is beautiful.
            -Mike DeNapoli, recovering Catholic
"Damn! I have some hot feet!"
            - Berg, narcissistic podiatric exhibitionist
”How about those hairy ankles! With a quick hangnail for assonance, dissonance and discord, Berg’s Queer Foot Porn leaps feet first into the belabored social archetypes of religious fervor, spiritual abandon and escapism, reworking the defeated notions of beauty in our society and transforming our passions into those of journey, migration and exile. We have all felt bound by the paths on which we walk; let Berg's Queer Foot Porn arch our arches in the direction of pleasure, bliss and enlightenment! A triumph!"
            -Alysha Wood, born-again Buddhist
"If you want my honest opinion I think it's really creepy, and if I didn't know who did it I would think it was really, really, really sick."
            -Danielle Thompson, president of Colleges Against Cancer.
Disclaimer: the above statement does not reflect the political agenda of Colleges Against Cancer
“To queer porn fame a friend of mine rose.
Her curved body she loved to expose.
Friends and lovers would stare
At her assets down there
(Keep your pants on --I just mean her toes).
            -Nas Duben, transnational heteroflexible and postmodern revolutionary
“Berg has a foot in the door of something really funny.”
            -Frida Kahlo for the Guerilla Girls
“I've already been jerking off for two hours and I haven't even gotten past the first photoe gallery!”
            -Jack Offenburg, discriminating pornhound
"Show me a man with both feet on the ground
and I'll show you a man who can't get his pants on."

-Joe E. Lewis

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