Curious Sidesteps
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Funny Girls with an Agenda

Annie Sprinkle
"Prostitute/porn star turned sexologist, educator, multimedia artist, & utopian entrepreneur."
Marga Gomez
Sarcastic Latina who is hung like a fly & seeks intimate evenings with 300 people.
Fairy Butch
The leading sexpert of strap-on sex, famous for dispensing advice to queer lasses & others.
Margaret Cho
Actress hailed for her "honed comic sensibility that's the right wing's worst nightmare."
Ellen Degeneres
A legendary and lovable stand-up comedienne, she came out with a kiss on her sit-com in 1997.
Betty Dodson
Artist, author, & sex educator, also known as America's first public masturbator.
Karen Williams
Diva of Comedy, founder of the HaHA Institute, & advocate of healing through humor.
Susie Bright
Author, editor, performer, educator, & decreed "proponent of polymorphous perversity."
Kate Clinton
Pioneer of lesbian-feminist stand-up, with brilliantly twisted takes on current events.
Lily Tomlin
One of America's foremost comedians, best known for her multitudes of original personalities.
Kate Bornstein
Transsexual author, performance artist, & creator of the very witty Gender Aptitude Test.
Guerilla Girls
Re-inventing the "f" word --feminism, & fighting discrimination with facts, humor and fake fur since 1985.

Berg's Handpicked Hot Pix

Sappho's Girls
For and about the beauty of real, strong, intelligent women.
Artwork to help you hit the right spot.
Erotic Red
Sexy, Natural, and Fun Menstruation Porn.
For the Girls
Hunky male strippers, sexy centerfolds, cheeky amateurs. Give yourself over to your sensual imagination...
Hippie Goddess
Do natural, hairy, dreadlocked, hemp-wearing, barefoot, earth-loving Goddesses turn you on? You're not alone!
Sexuality Project
A 25 Year Photographic Exploration of Sexual Relationship and Desire.
Tasty Trixie
Genuine girl-next-door with boobs AND brains!!!
Veg Porn
Titillating Tofu Eaters.
Joy of Spex
Girls. Glasses. Amen.
Married, polyamorous, and "bent," Seska loves sex, has pictures to prove it, and wants to share.
Good Dyke Porn
You'll know it when you see it.
A mature and very cuddly redheaded exhibitionist...

"There is but one lamp by which my feet are guided,
and that is the lamp of experience."

-Patrick Henry

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